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Goran Licanin Goran LičaninUX DesignerLearn More

Mary GutierrezMary GutierrezEngineering ManagerLearn More

About TrekVisual

We started TrekVisual with a simple goal

We wanted to set ourselves apart by offering top craftsmanship, great customer service and fast turnaround. We still believe these are the key ingredients to forming lasting relationships with clients.

We established many successful partnerships

We always aimed to go beyond the expectations of our clients. As a result, we saw most of our workflow come from entrepreneurs and businesses which found us via referral by other clients.

Our Services

We kept on learning and improving ourselves

Before starting TrekVisual, we were on very different paths. Goran was a psychologist, Mary a teacher. We started this journey with little more than burning passion and talent.

We stumbled, but we never stopped moving forward. Always aiming to provide the best service, we kept on learning and growing our skills.

What's next?

Here's to new beginnings!

We've had an amazing 8 years working at TrekVisual. Now, we feel it's time to move on. As much as we love working together, we've realized we need to pursue other opportunities in order to continue our professional growth. Therefore, we've decided not to take any more new contracts.

As we begin to close the TrekVisual doors, we feel sad, but also very proud of all the work we did to improve the lives of our clients and their users.

A big 'THANK YOU!' to all of our clients. Stay amazing!