WordPress Security Tip: Update Regularly

Just because we look healthy doesn’t mean we are. Someone who looks to be in perfect physical condition can have a number of ‘invisible’ diseases or conditions. Likewise, (bare with me for a tree falling in the forest analogy for a moment), just because nobody sees the dust on the top shelf doesn’t mean it’s not there (as hard as I wish it not be true)! The same can be said for a website. Just because it looks good on the front end, doesn’t mean it is healthy or ‘dust-free’ on the back end. (Who wants a dusty back end, anyway?!)

Question: My website is working perfectly, and I can’t see any problems when I look at it, so why should I concern myself with available updates?

Updates are sometimes released because they include upgrades with new features, but they are often released because of a discovery about a vulnerability in the programming. Often that vulnerability is a security hole that was exploited by some mad genius and his team. As technology evolves, methods to implement and exploit that technology evolves. Maintaining a website is like owning the horse in the lead at the races – followed by hackers and evil geniuses just a neck behind. To stay in the lead, you have to keep your website on it’s “A” game, always. 

Conveniently, when you create a site with TrekVisual, we take care of the tedious updating stuff for you. You’ll not have to worry about having the latest release of anything, because we’re on top of it for you, so you can do the other important stuff, like running your business. Learn more about how our website monthly plan can make it a breeze to keep your site healthy.

Whether it’s your WordPress version, your PHP version or a plugin, you need to be sure your system is kept up to date, or you’re potentially a sitting duck. Don’t have time? Hire someone to do it for you, because the costs for not doing this will eventually catch up with you, and will end up costing more than paying for regular updates in time, money and frustration.

If there’s an update, there’s a reason. Update. Every time.