Website Monthly Plan

Choose us for fully managed hosting for your website if you’re looking for a complete website solution. If you have already chosen our Custom Website Design, you qualify for our managed website hosting, maintenance and even security monitoring plan for your WordPress website, for just $99 a month, or $1089 a year (for single site installs. Multisite installs are $199/mo or $2289/yr).

Hosting your site somewhere else? We can still help with monthly maintenance and security for your WordPress website.

Need something more than a monthly website plan? Learn more about our webmaster services.

Maintenance and Security Monitoring Options

WordPress Single Site maintenance and security monitoring –
$99/mo or $1089/yr

WordPress Multisite maintenance and security monitoring:
$199/mo or $2289/yr

Details of our Website Monthly Plans:

Your monthly plan will include hosting for your website, and includes a generous bandwidth for your site assets and media uploads. If you decide to purchase your own domain name (.com, .org, etc.), we’ll take care of getting it mapped to your hosting account at no extra charge.  Hosting with us means you never have to worry about server upgrades, WordPress updates, ftp or managing a cpanel because we do it all for you.

To keep your site running at peak health, we’ll regularly perform WordPress version monitoring and updates, which can be as often as every few days. You’ll also have the peace of mind to know all your plugins are being kept up to date. This step is key in keeping your site health at optimal levels, keeping it running smoothly and safe from malicious attempts at hacking your website.

Site Backups
Before every update, we take a backup of your database. That means if any updates have a bug that cause your site to break, your data is safe and can be restored without missing a beat.

Security Monitoring
As an added level of security, we also include daily proactive security monitoring of your website. Any potential issues are discovered quickly, which plays an integral role in protecting your site from becoming compromised. Despite best of efforts by any hosting company or user, sites are sometimes still compromised – eg., a successful brute force attack. A brute force attack is when a hacker tries logging in to your website using a computer program which quickly runs through a list of possible passwords. Often brute force starts with thousands of log-in attempts per minute, until it is successful, the attempt is blocked, or the hacker gives up. In the event your site is compromised, we’ll run damage control to help keep the damage as minimal as possible.

Our security system aggressively blocks brute force attempts and includes a firewall, anti-virus scanning, and malicious URL scanning. We care for our clients’ websites with the same care as our own.