Webmaster Services

Webmaster services are for clients who have their website already established, or for clients who have a monthly website package with TrekVisual design but need regular updates that are more advanced than what’s included with the basic updates. Webmaster service is an advanced feature that provides clients with more technical website updates, and/or additions via ftp or control panel access.

WordPress custom themes, plugins, theme management and updates

Webmaster services for your WordPress website include setting up your host, installing and setting up your theme, or making updates from adding a plug-in to more advanced webmaster services like making core changes to your WordPress theme. We offer email consultations so we can make recommendations for adding or building custom technologies to improve performance or efficiency based on your needs.

Website updates via FTP or Control Panel access

Static websites, or sites not built on a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, require an advanced understanding of your system setup and website structure. If your website isn’t hosted with TrekVisual, we’ll use FTP or SFTP to connect to your web server and make updates and changes. If you only have cPanel access with your host, we can either set up FTP access or work directly via your control panel.

Local build and delivery of code package

If you have a website project that requires technical knowledge for a site build but already have a programmer or an IT department handling the server side of your website, we’ll build or modify your project locally. With our wide range of equipment and programs, we can test and ensure optimal web performance long before we send it to you for live integration. If the project allows, we’ll even host the site files on our server so you can preview the final product before we deliver the package to you in ZIP or RAR format. We’re also well-versed in a variety of SVN repositories, and are happy to connect and collaborate on the platform your company is already using.

Technologies we support:

  • CSS2 & CSS3
  • PHP
  • mySQL
  • Javascript & JQuery

Junior webmaster work available for

  • ASP
  • Java
  • GWT
  • Ruby on Rails
  • extJS

Programs most commonly used:

  • FTP via Core FTP or FireFTP
  • Dreamweaver
  • Coda
  • Eclipse
  • Tortoise for subversion / SVN

Development is generally done locally. We use XAMPP and Apache with mySQL databases, and PHP as our primary web development platform and web programming language.